Anonymous: Has AJ left?

I don’t know it’s all rumors at the moment but like I said I won’t be shocked if she has left. If she has I think she’s done the right thing, I know it’s all scripted but having a Wrestlemania moment like she had and then making all your dreams come true and then the next night it’s all taken away is rough, I know that she did eventually have to lose the title but they could have done so much more with the storyline than putting the belt on Paige. x

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I’ve been saying it since the day CM Punk walked. AJ Lee’s time in the WWE was limited.

I really hope that all these rumors about her leaving or walking or even getting fired are false.

I won’t be shocked if they aren’t though.

The comments she made on RAW to me where a ‘fuck you WWE’ comments, she comments “The best Diva in the world” she knew that everyone would start chanting ‘CM PUNK’.

AJ Lee > Paige.

By the way this isn’t me hating on Paige. 

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Anonymous: you don't like AJ? why??

I love AJ, she’s my favorite Diva. 

Why would you think I don’t like her? x

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Everyone should be watching ! Diva battle royal! All fighting to be number 1 contender to my championship. Good luck ladies ;)

Paige just tweeted this. 

More reasons for me to believe that AJ Lee has walked/left the WWE.

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